Mastering Money

Why Master your Money?

Your hard earned money could be so much more than what you bring home in your paycheck each week or month.

It should be directed where you want it to go. It should be growing while you are asleep. Your money is amplified when it is handled properly. If you are going to work for it, let it work for you too.

Your family, your community, and even your church is waiting on you to do something bigger than you. In this groundbreaking program, you will learn the truth,

the strategies and the tactics of what it really takes to master your money.


Stewardship Program: A Giving Plan

“Financially Free Congregations Create Financially Strong Ministries”

This program aids both the church congregation and its members in reducing debt. The goal of this program is to
understand, develop, and execute plan for the ministry to support reducing and eliminating debt. With the support of
ministry leaders and the cooperation of the church congregation, the entire church community will be well on
their way to better financial awareness through God’s guidance. 


Each month there is a new monthly challenge a person can do on their own. Helen posts the challenge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

and in the monthly newsletter. This is a free way to engage with Mastering Money, and to sample its positive influence over your financial decisions. 


Invite Helen to speak at your event or organization’s function. Helen will provide the tools you and your audience will need to obtain a better financial future.

By being more aware of your financial decisions, you can then begin to experience financial freedom.


 Grab a friend, co-worker, or family member and sign up for Helen’s group coaching sessions.

Each week you can hold each other accountable for the life-changing work you will engage in with Mastering Money.


If you are currently in debt or want to make great strides towards your dream in the next few months, then sign up for individual coaching sessions.

Helen will work with you one-on-one and help you create a personalized approach to mastering your money.

  • Discipline around spending
  • Planning and saving for the future
  • Setting goals to get things aligned and know how much you can spend
  • Managing money overwhelms most people, and most people are overspending.
  • The key to mastering your money is spending less than you make.
  • Unfortunately, 75% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • We spend 120% of what we make in America – regardless of what we make.
  • Overspending is generally undetected, we have to pay much closer attention.
  • Many people are afraid to view or think about their score.
  • 35% of people have never reviewed their credit report.
  • Visit for your FREE credit score.