Financial Resources

My desire is that you will have the tools you need to stay focused on mastering your money. Whether you are paying off debt, buying a home, starting a business or saving for your children’s college tuition, you will need resources to accomplish that task.

30 Days to Better Financial Awareness

In this 30-day devotional, you will see how transformation in your finances is possible when you become more financially aware. Each daily entry emphasizes a key concept in money management and includes an action step to put to work what you’re learning.

In 30 days, you will:


• Learn how to view money from a biblical perspective

• Find ways to reduce your spending and decrease your debt

• Identify additional sources of income

• Find courage to pursue a dream toward building wealth

• Learn the importance of investing

• Make giving a priority in your overall financial plan


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Mint Finanical:

Mint is an all in one budget financial system. Try it Free.

Home Budget App

Expense Management Software for the Home.


Stay updated with the latest financial advisory tools. 

Credit Karma



Credit Karma:

Credit your credit score for Free. Yes! 

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator Pro:

A quick and easy-to-use calculator for brokers, realtors, and home buyers.