Are you overwhelmed by debt? Do you want to manage money better but don’t know where to start? Do you want to experience true financial freedom? Are you ready to become the lender God is calling you to be? When you learn how to Master Money, you will conquer debt and become a better steward—not only of money but also of your talent and your time. In this thirty-day devotional, inspired by Helen Crawley-Austin’s Master Money® program, you will see how transformation in your finances is possible when you become more financially aware. Each entry emphasizes a key concept in money management and includes an action step to put to work what you’re learning. In thirty days, you’ll…

• Learn how to view money from a biblical perspective

• Find ways to reduce your spending and pay down debt

• Identify additional sources of income

• Find courage to pursue a dream toward building wealth

• Learn the importance of investing

• Make giving a priority in your overall financial plan About the Author: Helen Crawley-Austin is an entrepreneur, life coach, real estate investor, and former Corporate Executive who has been helping individuals become financially smart for over 20 years. She travels across the country teaching groups how to improve their financial outlook step by ste

Ma$tering Money: 30-day Devotional Guide to Financial Awareness

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